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 handmade jam with only honey and fruit; pure unadulterated taste -

our story

The luscious Norfolk Broads is our countryside haven.

Home to an ever growing apiary of hives; nurtured and expanded to provide a bountiful supply of pure honey, our bees roam miles of untouched land. Sourcing pollen from a range of seasonal crops makes every combination of honey jam absolutely unique in taste.

Closer to home we tend the garden all year around, with an orchard of fruit trees, allotment beds and a framed glasshouse we encourage flora and fauna to flourish through rain and shine.

The growth of beekeeping in the face of a threatened and dwindling bee population motivates us to carry on growing and spreading awareness; highlighting the significance of the bees in each of their little roles towards sustaining the environment which

we cherish. Consume sustainably and ethically with us, we are 100% transparent with you.

Our aim is to share and celebrate the slice of utopia we call home by striving to create all that is unrefined and as pure as the honey we are fortunate enough to harvest. We pride ourselves on using locally sourced fruit - from our doorstep when the season is right, picking from our allotment fruits and herbs which have been pollinated by our own hives. A wondrous notion knowing that both honey and fruit are part of the same cycle and so when fused together to create one of our honey combinations that they are truly an unspoilt unison, creating what we refer to as a tandem of taste. 


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Dyke End, Upton, Norfolk, NR13, England


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