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Welcome to my Bees Eat Fruit Garden, Norfolk.

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Most Effective Herb Growing

This year I found glass cloches useful to protect the Basil and Radish seedlings and surely enough they appeared strong and steady, I would reccomend this.

Planting Out Antirrhinum

One of the most lovely tasks in the garden here is planting out rows of seedlings from root trainers, a very satisfying cycle. I'm rather enjoying snapdragons and looking forward to rows of them shortly.

Our 'Willow Field' of Daffodils

Gazing on this spring spectacular in our garden reminds me how lushious the season is. Located beyond the orchard where much of our fruit is picked, this blanket of beauty is a feast for sore eyes!

'The Bluebell Wood’

So named as around April time the floor of the woods is invisible beneath densely packed bluebells, our beehives are tucked just behind the trees and enjoy the luscious local flora.

Quince Blossom

Captured in their prime, these soon to be quince fruits are a gorgeous bright golden-yellow pome, also containing high concentration of vitamin C.

Strawberry Beds

Our once contained strawberry plants have self-seeded throughout the perennial patch so we always look forward to an abundence of fruit in the summer months. I have since laid out straw between the plants and have added fraises des bois for a for a fun variation in size.

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