Fig and Marcona Almond Honey Jam

Fig and Marcona Almond Honey Jam

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Our honey infused fruit jams- in season ingredients only. I have heard it said that figs are the food of the gods. We have hand selected only the plumpest, most perfect figs and combined, by small pan methods, our unadulterated Norfolk honey with a generous quantity of sweet Marcona almonds to make this a feast of a jam; a heavenly choice.

Marcona almonds are almost exclusively grown in Spain and are so called as the variety of tree they grow from is named Marcona. Unlike other almonds their superior reputation is because of their smooth texture and sweet buttery taste.

Combining our honey from the untouched haven in Norfolk with fresh and only ripe fruits you can be certain to be wowed by the dual flavours in our honey jams. We use NO added sugar JUST HONEY. Our bees are the most spoilt around, with miles of fields surrounding our haven we are far from any nasties that could risk altering the splendid taste.