Plum and Lavender Honey Jam

Plum and Lavender Honey Jam

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Our honey infused fruit jams are handmade using in season ingredients only. Combining handpicked damson plum and lavender with a hint of oregano we aim to achieve a unique rich, in depth of flavour in every jar. Robust and yet delicately floral with a nod to the savoury with the hint of oregano that makes this jam a delicious accompaniment to meats, cheeses and Pâté's perfect partner (serving suggestion). 

Combining our honey from the untouched haven in Norfolk with fresh and only ripe fruits you can be certain to be wowed by the dual flavours in our honey jams. We use NO added sugar JUST HONEY.


Our bees are the most spoilt around, with miles of fields surrounding our haven we are far from any nasties that could risk altering the splendid taste.